our hotel categories

Categorie A: "Budget"

Accomodation in good hotels (2 and 3 star).

The location is often at city margins and in surrounding areas.These Hotels are often family businesses with a country-specific atmosphere.


Categorie B: "Classic"

Accomodation in good and very good middle claas hotels (3 star/3 star+/ 4 star).

Good location in city-centre or near city-centre. Staff often english speaking - special atmosphere through location and facilities.


Categorie C: "Exclusive"

Accomodation in hotels with very good international comfort, often First Class (4 star and 5 star).

Highly recommended international cuisine.

special tours

  •   Octoberfest  
      a spectacular event  
  •   Christmas Markets  
      a very special time  
  •   River Cruises
      calm and comfortable  

information & booking

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F: +(49) 6441 2005 31